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Wave Springs

Industrial Wave Springs

Wave springs are flat-wire compression springs engineered to optimize space in an assembly. The wave springs innovative ‘multiple waves per turn’ design can offer the same spring force as a traditional round wire coil spring, but at 50% of its operating height. The wave spring’s unique advantage offers engineers the space-saving spring solution they need to meet the demand of designing modern-day, compact technology.

Wave Springs Manufacturer in Bangalore

Wave springs are made of coiled flat wire with waves incorporated to give them a spring impression. These springs have a lower operational height but can nevertheless withstand the same stresses as compression springs, making them excellent for smaller assemblies or working in tight spaces.

Advantages of Wave Springs:

Wave Spring Applications:

From everyday consumer products like the smartwatch on your wrist to life-saving medical devices such as robotic surgical instruments, wave springs are trusted all over the world across every industry. They can be found in extreme environments like oil wells deep under the Earth’s surface to as high as the rover on Mars. The only limit wave springs have is your imagination.

Custom Wave Spring Manufacturer:

We can design and produce custom wave springs in both single-wave nested and multi-wave designs at Excel Springs Pvt. Ltd. Our design engineers have the knowledge and experience to create the high-quality solutions you want. We will collaborate with you to establish the optimal sizes, materials, and finishes for your project, and our automated processes will ensure that you receive the results on time.

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