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Industrial Tension Springs

Our customised Tension springs are created and manufactured to fit your exact specifications and function under the most demanding and difficult conditions.

Tension springs absorb and store energy while also resisting a pulling force. These springs are frequently linked to components on both ends. When the components separate, the spring works to reconnect them.

Industrial Tension Springs Manufacturer in Bangalore

Tension springs are used to provide resistance to linear tension or pulling forces.
We can make tension springs with various hooks and forms based on the needs of the customer.
We manufacture according to your specifications. We can also create tension springs depending on your specifications to fit the exact needs of any load or project.

Some of the Materials used:

Tension Spring Applications:

Our Tension Springs can be used for any application requiring tension and an extending force:

Design Parameters:

Our experts can design and manufacture customised Tension springs based on your particular specifications and load needs. We can make Tension springs in practically any size. There are numerous hook and loop setups available.

Free length: The length of a spring when it is unloaded, measured from inside the end loops. We can trim to a precise length to satisfy load requirements.

Body length: Sizes up to 72 inches are available.

Wire / bar Diameter: Sizes up to 2.50 inch are available.

Hook Length: Hook length can be adjusted to provide the exact required spring load at any extended position.

End Types: Manufactured with the end configuration you specify: Hooks, threaded inserts, extended twist loops, crossover centre loops, expanded eyes, decreased eyes, rectangular, teardrop-shaped are also available.

Custom Tension Spring Manufacturer:

Excel Springs offer the technical competence, design inventiveness, and production flexibility to provide the springs you require to provide your company a competitive edge in new markets.

To make the Tension Spring you require, our professionals collaborate with you to:

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