Belleville Washers

Industrial Belleville Washers

Belleville washers are a more economical and less precise form of conical disc spring, best used for static applications where some setting and/or loss of force can be tolerated.

Belleville washers, manufactured from steel strip, are not scragged (pre-stressed) during the manufacturing process and the inside and outside diameters of the disc spring are not machined.

Industrial Belleville Washers Manufacturer in Bangalore

Excel Springs Belleville Disc Washers can be used when your compression spring application requires a high load in a short space. In comparison to helical springs, their conical design allows them to handle heavy loads with relatively minimal deflections and solid heights. Belleville Washers are frequently used to overcome problems with vibration, thermal expansion, relaxation, and bolt creep.

Advantages of Belleville Washer:

Industrial Belleville Washers achieve excellent connections and are highly adjustable for use with hardware and other industrial components, extending their longevity. Our washers can make a reliable connection and provide value-added benefits in addition to withstanding high vibration, differential thermal expansion, bolt creep and yield, and relaxation.

We value our connections with our partners and are pleased to have expanded our presence among distributors around the country. We are capable of efficiently supporting both high-mix-low-volume and OEM-specific.

Some of the Materials used:

Belleville Washer Applications:

For most industrial bolting applications, Excel Springs Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturing offers high-performance Belleville Springs & Washers that are compressible and highly adjustable.

Custom Belleville Washer Manufacturer:

A single Belleville Washer has a specific load for a given deflection. Two washers stacked in line will provide double the load of a single washer for the same deflection; three washers will produce three times the load; four washers will produce four times the load, and so on. Alternatively, for the same weight, two washers stacked in sequence will yield double the deflection of a single washer; three washers will yield treble the deflection; four washers will yield four times the deflection, and so on. Various series-parallel combinations can thus produce a wide range of combined load versus deflection values for the stack. As a result, depending on the application, the designer may:

Excel Springs Pvt. Ltd. Belleville Washers have estimated Loads at Flat stated. To estimate intermediate loads, utilise the Load Deflection Chart.

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